The Value of a Maintenance Agreement with a Balwyn Lawn Mowing Pro

It is never enough to hire a lawn mowing Balwyn company for mowing services once in a while. A properly maintained lawn requires constant attention if it is to give you an attractive home, neighbourhood and community. For that reason, it is essential that you work with a reputable company to develop a workable lawn maintenance schedule that will result in the activities highlighted next that are in addition to frequent mowing.

Fertilise the Lawn

Throughout the year, your lawn needs nutrients to maintain optimal health and looks, and prevent diseases and stress. An annual lawn maintenance schedule is ideal for this purpose since every season except winter offers a reason to apply fertiliser.

• Fertilising your lawn during spring is critical, especially because it is was never done in winter. The warming up of the weather and the nutrients from the fertiliser will help your lawn jump into growth.

• During this period, fertilising will enable your lawn to grow evenly. Coupled with professional lawn mowing services, it will allow your outdoors to look their best.

• The application of fertiliser during autumn prepares your lawn for the winter months that are to come. The types of fertilisers used are those that enhance prolonged growth, wider coverage and rich colours.

Soil Tests

The appropriate PH level for grass growth is approximately 6.5, which is considered neutral. Without such a PH, the fertilizing efforts that you put into your lawn will just be wasteful because the soil will be too alkaline or acidic for the nutrients. A professional can carry out PH tests and advise you on the appropriate steps to take, based on the findings of the analysis.

Damage Repair

Lawn damage results from a myriad of issues, which include pets, heavy traffic, diseases, fungus and neglect. The results include ugly patches on your lawn that are characterised by uneven growth and lack of grass on several of its sections. A lawn mowing professional will address all such issues all year round.

Weed Control and Edging

Grass growth that spreads untidily on the edges makes your lawn unattractive even after mowing. Professionals will use edge trimmers to get your lawn the finish it requires, and this will be done every time mowing takes place or if the edges become straggly. Due to the fertilisation of your lawn and its frequent watering, weeds will naturally invade it. A lawn mowing expert will apply the right herbicides to control and eliminate their growth and spread.