Credit Card Setup Help ?

Our Client portal is an easy, secure way to manage your invoice payments, update your credir/debit card autopay. Client Login Page.

Payment Terms ?

Our invoices are sent daily and payment is due on receipt. We encourage our clients to use our portal to setup Credit Card autopay which are charged the following day. A delay in payment may cause your scheduled work to be paused until your account is settled.

Regular Mowing Frequency ?

A regular mow frequency is between 1 -4 weeks between visits. This can be adjusted according to growth. Every 5 weeks or more would normally not be considered a regular mow and may require a price adjustment.

If the regular frequency has been delayed extra charges may apply if the visit requires more time.

Changing your schedule or appointment ?

If your scheduled work needs changing or adjusting, we request 7 days notice to help us streamline our week and fit any of those extra jobs in that our clients may need. This helps us arrange our schedule and roster and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.