Credit Card Setup Help ?

Chrome or Firefox as the browser on a laptop or desktop is required.
Mobile devices do not allow the card to save. Please follow the instructions on the Client Login Page.

Payment Terms ?

Our invoices are sent daily and payment is due on receipt. We encourage our clients to use our portal to setup Credit Card autocharge which are charged the following day. A delay in payment may cause your scheduled work to be paused until your account is settled.

Regular Mowing Frequency ?

A regular mow frequency is between 1 -4 weeks between visits. This can be adjusted according to growth. Every 5 weeks or more would normally not be considered a regular mow and may require a price adjustment.

If the regular frequency has been delayed extra charges may apply if the visit requires more time.

Changing your schedule or appointment ?

If your scheduled work needs changing or adjusting, we request 7 days notice to help us streamline our week and fit any of those extra jobs in that our clients may need.

Thank you.