The Best Types Of Grass For Melbourne Homes

The best types of grass for Melbourne homes.

There are several things that will influence the type of grass you decide to grow on your property. Different grass types will thrive in different conditions and will require varying levels of attention to develop best. We find kikuyu grass melbourne to often be the best option.

Melbourne experiences both warm & relatively cold climates; hence the most suitable grass to grow should have impressive levels of drought tolerance. Other factors to consider before planting grass on your lawn include water efficiency, fertiliser efficiency as well as the ability to handle varying weather changes. In case you are growing your lawn in a shaded area, it is important that the grass is shade tolerant, too.

Further, depending on the amount of activity that your lawn usually experiences, for instance, dog traffic or children playing, you will need to decide on the toughness of the grass you pick. Also, consider the amount of maintenance the grass you are about to grow will need; some types of grass require more lawn mowing than others. Here are the four types of grass suited for Melbourne lawns.


Kikuyu grass in Melbourne is the toughest and most durable of the grasses in this list. The grass is extremely drought resistant and can thrive well in hot conditions. If you have a north facing lawn with enough sun in winter, Kikuyu can stay green all year round without yellowing off due to frost. As it grows vigorously when warm, Kikuyu grass calls for regular mowing. Don’t worry, though if you can’t get the time to do it yourself as there are always lawn mowing companies around Doncaster and Templestowe that provide these services. Kikuyu lawns seem to bounce back quickly after a hot summer once a little rain or watering is applied.

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Most of the lawns we see with the best year round results are kikuyu grass melbourne.


In case your lawn receives a lot of activity, couch is a good choice. This kind of grass has impressive recovery capabilities from wear and tear. It is also one of the leading drought-resistant varieties of grass which are found in Melbourne. Couch call for little maintenance, although care should be taken not to plant it in shady areas since it has a low shade resistance. The cold Melbourne winter can cause couch to yellow off for several months.

It does benefit from a warmer climate all year round.


Another very drought tolerant plant, Buffalo has amazing qualities of surviving long periods of time without water. For those with shade lawns, Buffalo is the perfect choice of grass to grow since it is impressively shade resistant. Buffalo is also suited for busy traffic due to its ability to withstand some wear and tear. However, as the grass is a surface runner, you may be called upon to install an edging barrier in order to keep the grass from encroaching into your garden beds. We notice Buffalo will yellow off in a Melbourne winter. Regular feeding with a controlled release fertiliser can help keep its colour.

It does benefit from a warmer climate all year round.

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is one of the most popular grasses which are grown in many lawns across Australia. What makes the grass appealing to a lot of homeowners is its versatility and very low maintenance requirements. The grass is shade tolerant and easily grown from seed.

Your choice for the perfect grass to use for your lawn comes down into three things: the climatic condition of the area you are in, the amount of activity your lawn receives and the grass’ ability to handle the type of activity expected on your lawn. The choices above can provide some suggestions on which way to go.

Remember all lawns will stay much healthier if they are fed with a good quality lawn food and watered a little in the heat of summer.

Don’t mow too short. This will provide you with a better lawn, a stronger root system and give the weeds less chance to grow.

A great lawn seed provider is Great Aussie Lawns.

Kikuyu Grass

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