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Lawn Mowing and More: How to Tame and Reclaim an Overgrown Garden

Lawn Mowing and More: How to Tame and Reclaim an Overgrown Garden

So you just found the house of your dreams, which happened to be a nice and charming house in Mitcham, but there’s just one setback—the previous owner let the garden run wild and you’re left with a yard that looks a lot more like a jungle than an extension of your neat and well-maintained home. Fortunately, with a bit of lawn mowing, pruning, determination, and creativity, you can turn an overgrown garden into a lovely haven full of colours and nature’s magic.

Plant Identification and Selection

First off, do not feel overwhelmed by the sight of unruly branches, thick weeds, and neglected shrubs. Thoroughly assess the area and identify the rogue plants that are ruining the garden and spot the plants that have been overtaken. For a better view, you may need a professional lawn mowing service from companies near Mitcham or Templestowe such as Acre Lawns. Mowing and edging can help you pinpoint the areas that need the most attention. After digging out the unwanted growth, it’s time to choose the plants and shrubs that would comprise your garden.

Rejuvenation and Renewal Pruning

Of course, not all neglected shrubs have to be pulled out and discarded. Most will simply require rejuvenation or renewal pruning. Rejuvenation pruning is an immediate and drastic method wherein all that would be left of the overgrown shrub is an unsightly stump—that is, at least until new growth sprouts out. On the other hand, renewal pruning is a much more gentle approach whereby the height and volume of the shrub is trimmed down over a number of years or seasons. The type of pruning that an unkempt shrub needs will depend on its species (as some can’t tolerate rejuvenation pruning) and the visual impact that the garden owner wants.

Right Maintenance Tools and Services

Reclaiming an overgrown garden is hard work and calls for a considerable investment. You should invest in the right tools to maintain the landscape. Clippers, hedgers, rakes, wheelbarrows, and spades, to name but a few, are tools that can add to the relative ease of maintaining a garden in tiptop shape. If you don’t have time to regularly attend to your garden, you can count on professional garden maintenance services from established companies in your area. Such companies can come up with a maintenance schedule that sits well with your budget and needs.