7 Steps To Protect Your Lawn in those Melbourne Summer Months

Within Melbourne suburbs, and especially the inland suburbs, the summers can be hot and damage the lawn in the entire region. Here are a few ways to protect your lawn from damage and to improve the green freshness you’ve worked so hard to get. Melbourne summers can be 35C+ for weeks at a time. It is imperative to keep your lawn fresh and green during these hot, summer days. Here are 7 steps to maintain a great and vibrant lawn.

The first thing you must understand is allowing your lawn to breath. Aerating is very important to lawn care during the summer months. Moisture and air can help your lawn and prevent it from turning brown. Use small holes, aerating small holes in the rich soil. (Mainly on the surface that is constantly stepped on due to walking traffic.)

To make your lawn stronger you must fertilise your lawn during those spring months. Be cautious when choosing fertiliser. Choosing the wrong fertiliser can damage your lawn. Use a controlled release fertiliser.

If your lawn has a couple of dry patches and it appears no grass wants to grow in those patchy areas, then it’s time to reseed the areas that are having the problems. Reseeding your lawn helps bring your grassy area back to life.

Another thing you may consider would be to have a regular mowing schedule, instead of leaving it too long and needing to cut more than 30% of the grass blade length which can damage your lawn.

After completing the steps just mentioned – you must keep your lawn hydrated. Meaning water your lawn several times per week. Watering a few times a week for longer a period is better than many short waters and encourages a healthier root system.

The final step to keeping your lawn beautiful in those scorching hot months would be to kill all weeds and broadleaf selective spray. Be sure to use the correct spray for your lawn type. Your lawn will look remarkable with a minimal amount of weeds.